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Tel Aviv

Our trip to Tel Aviv was more eventful than we expected with stormy weather combining with snow in Jerusalem that almost resulted in us staying much longer than planned! However reports from all of the stakeholders involved commented that the trip was a great success with many new contacts, and friends, made during our week in [&hellip

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Join us in Tel Aviv

Sunset in Tel Aviv

Luxembourg has many business relationships with Israel, many of which are founded upon Luxembourg’s status as the leading gateway for non-EU investors into the European Union. Ensuring that you and your clients have the latest information on corporate structures and private banking can be both challenging and time consuming. That is why we are happy [&hellip

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Successful event hosted for Crestbridge

Luxembourg is host to many investment fund events, so filling a room with 130 decision makers is never easy. We were given a brief for logistics, providing speakers for a panel discussing the latest developments of the AIFMD which we also moderated. The international panel provided useful insight into the current state of affairs of [&hellip

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Marketing vs. PR?

Marketing, Advertising, PR

  Discussing marketing budgets amongst partners, opposing camps reveal their hands. “It’s not working so why do we continue buying it?” vs. “If we stop doing it people will notice?”   There is no doubt that the financial crisis focussed attention on which marketing channels really deliver sufficient return on investment (ROI). Ask anyone who works [&hellip

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Are websites in decline?

TheINsiders, webpages, branding, advertising, marketing, PR

Is the age of the website nearing its end? Have websites been overthrown by social media? In a digital age overrun with social media platforms, mobile apps, and online advertising, is the standard website of less value to a company than it once was? Do brand websites still matter? Yes, we’ve said it once, we’ve [&hellip

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