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Doehner Simone

Hello, Jim, I was a participant in Lisboa´s “Learning and Networking Workshop” 25th and 26th September, and due to my limited time window at the end of that very proficuous, dynamic and very well-moderated workshop I unfortunately had no time to thank you personally for the excellent Job you did, apart from your being a very polite and deliberate as well as a “sunshiny” Person.

So here it is: my hearty thanks to you, hope to be able to visit another high-class Workshop within the Eures-Organisation with you again!
I will listen to your Radio Station 🙂 in the meanwhile… Kindest regards, Simone Döhner from Germany/Bavaria


Hi Simone,
Thanks very much, it was fun (slightly packed) 2 days!
Hope to meet you again at a future training.

best regards


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