2 Day Communication Workshop - Jim Kent

2 Day Communication Workshop

For many teams communication is at the heart of all they do, whether it is ensuring effective peer to peer communication within the office or directly working with clients. Every team, has ways it can improve its communication!!!

Many of us are caught in the middle of a processes where we both give and receive instructions and requests and translate these into actions. This workshop is an opportunity to stand back and evaluate the effectiveness of the process and ask ourselves are we using the right content with the right channel.

This workshop will also develop your understanding of the psychology of team communication, using real life scenarios it will help you reflect on your own weaknesses whilst understand aspects such as reading between the lines, how not to express things and how to achieve change in the communication bad habits of others.


This highly interactive workshop utilises the latest learning techniques. We know that individuals want less classroom style and far more guided, experiential learning experiences. Video clips from some of the leading TED speakers, combined with task enabling the group to work in pairs and small groups. The day is divided into 20 minute sections, with each section having a specific leaning objective.

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