April 2019 : Line Manager Training in Brussels - Jim Kent

April 2019 : Line Manager Training in Brussels

The EURES network is developing as member states start implementing the policy admitting new partners from the public and private sector. This meant that our Line Manager group included a wide range of attendees, some managing teams of 100 personnel or more and others just one! However all personnel had at least one person working as a EURES adviser within their organisations.

The training benefits from strong input from various members of the ECO team who can provide a high level overview of the functions and organisation of the network. This combined with practical training on the EURES portal and other communication tools used for the many new initiatives currently in process.

Uniquely for this training it included 2 visits, one to the Parliamentarium and one to Actiris (the Brussels PES) which are always well received.

Many thanks to our EURES experts and EY team members for their support in this training.

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