PR Event Luxembourg - Jim Kent

Exciting to present on “How to maximise your PR”


Ask most people what they think PR is and they reply, “it’s your company’s image to the outside world”. They are wrong. Some say, “I don’t need to do any PR, my work speaks for itself”. Wrong again. Proactive manipulation of how you are perceived both professionally and personally is a challenge few consider and even fewer achieve. Are you even sure of how you are perceived by your contacts, clients, friends, employees, suppliers, stakeholders?

In an environment of limited budgets and even less time, all of us need to reach the maximum relevant audience, using channels that work with the right distribution frequency. Too little and our message is lost in the noise. Too much and our audience switches off.

We answered as a group

· How is your business perceived now?

· What are your PR goals?

· What are your key messages?

· Is the Luxembourg media worth it?