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Organisations have never been more aware that marketing is a core function of their company. The current market conditions are provoking businesses to change both their expectations and approach. As repeat business decreases and the likelihood of new clients fades, the issue of how to actively find new business becomes paramount.

In terms of practical steps, we normally start work with a firm with a review of how they are perceived within the market. We can speak to clients and other third parties to provide objective feedback. This information then provides a useful foundation for writing a strategic marketing plan to make the most of the strengths while addressing the weaknesses in the brand.

In the era of the Internet, you cannot engage in marketing without including online materials and social media. Web content and social media are integral parts of brand development. Social media should not be expected to deliver brand new clients immediately, however persistent publication of interesting content allows a brand to grow online, providing useful SEO for your main website. We can support you as much as you require in this area, and have experience both planning and implementing social media campaigns.

In terms of external marketing, the essence of good communication starts by listening and answering the question, “How are we perceived?” This allows you to create the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Some useful questions to ask are:

  1. Are you making the most of your good news stories by publishing them in the press?
  2. Is your image consistent across all platforms: press, web, face-to-face?
  3. Are you perceived to be up-to-date in terms of regulation?
  4. Can contacts differentiate you from the competition?
  5. Who is the face of the organisation?
  6. Is social media working for you, against you or are you silent?
  7. Can people find you when they are looking for you? What can be done to help them?
  8. Is your organisation using CSR as a tool for exposure?

We provide marketing consultancy and we are here to advise on any marketing subject as and when you have the need.