Video Production - Jim Kent

Want to use video as a medium to make your company website stand out or to spread the word about your company through a dynamic, audiovisual presentation?

We produce videos as a creative marketing tool in multiple languages. We have the capacity to localise videos into many languages should you wish to target an audience in a variety of countries. To date we have produced close to 50 tutorial videos for Amazon alone.

Need to explain important processes to your existing clients?

Want a colourful and catchy video to explain who you are and what you do to attract new clients?

Fancy having a filmed interview on your website as an effective way of engaging the public?

We do all of the above.

Our video production services involve everything from start to finish, including: storyboard creation, live camera work, screenflow, effects, interviews, voiceovers, recording in a professional studio, video editing. We work with a team of graphic designers, cameramen, photographers, sound engineers, video editors and voiceover artists.

Video is a forward thinking way to market your company and to inform the public about what you do. Easy to share, it is an highly engaging way to communicate your message and to colourfully summarise your company profile and outline the services that you provide. It’s so effective that we are in the process of making one for ourselves.

Send us your request and we will gather our creative energy to find a video solution to match your needs.


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