Getting a ManCo Known - TheINsiders

2014 is an exciting time to manage an investment fund management company, especially a third party service provider. After many months of waiting for the authorisation to operate as an AIFM, firms are now reviewing their marketing and sales operations. We have been working with Chapter 15 ManCos for a number of years answering the question of how to win more UCITS funds. From a marketing perspective many of the tools remain the same for winning AIFs.  Marc Saluzzi the current chairman of ALFI commented that fund managers with ambition would create their own ManCo. We disagree. The benefits of using a third party are clear but not always understood by asset managers.

This is where we can help.

For a ManCo that wishes to win new clients we can help you identify targets and implement a cohesive strategy to reach them, via the media, events, roadshows, conferences and by using

For one specific Manco we carried out extensive media research and planning which entailed identifying media channels, collecting audience data and presenting recommendations to maximize their return on marketing investment both paid and unpaid. Once a plan of action was agreed upon, we began developing relationships with key “sector relevant” journalists, identifying their media agenda whilst working closely with the ManCo to decide upon marketing messages that would engage with the media.

We wrote expert articles on regulatory developments, organised AIFMD panels, published press releases, planned international conferences and identified Asset managers in the UK, CH, USA, DE, FR that had not yet found a Luxembourg solution and distributed targeted marketing materials.