Who are we? - Jim Kent

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Jim Kent. Managing Director

Jim Kent

After discovering the media industry I embarked upon a career of hosting radio shows in different countries. A central theme to all of my content has been people, interviewing many business leaders, celebrities and members of the public along the way. I have been fortunate to host many large international events and a TV chat show. My career has resulted in me living in Luxembourg, Barcelona, Bangkok and Muscat, and as a consequence I experienced a vast breadth of culture and languages, picking up French, Spanish and Thai myself along the way.

In 2017 I found myself in the middle of a terrorist attack in Barcelona as you can listen here. 

More recently I have been working as a trainer and moderator in the areas of Media, and Employment and was selected by the European Commission to to be the only native English speaking moderator for their network of 1000 European job advisers. I believe that all training should be immersive and engaging and that the days of groups staring at long powerpoint presentations are long gone. Companies, most often contact me when they need a moderator or communication skills trainer and together we ensure that their team members all take big steps forward in their personal and professional development.



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