Law Firms - TheINsiders

It used to be said that Luxembourg has more lawyers than policemen. Whilst it is true that the domicile is home to many small firms benefiting from inbound referral work. Much of the investment fund work is dominated by the larger actors.

We work closely with legal experts in a wide range of practice areas and are therefore in a unique position to advise end-users which firms are appropriate in each area of law. The Luxembourg legal market includes full service firms, specialist corporate lawyers, individual practitioners and members of the Magic Circle. We understand the legal market and can provide independent insight into the strengths of many of the key Luxembourg firms.

Luxembourg’s involvement in many of this decade’s high profile financial and corporate litigation matters is well known. The use of SPVs to insulate against risk, as illustrated by the Lux Alpha Sicav debacle, is acknowledged around the financial world. We provide market analysis and insight into the choice of law firm in the creation of such structures.