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Become the CEO of your LOVE LIFE

Finding your dream partner is HARD, which is why we have created an 8 part online training course designed to help men find their ideal partner.

100% dynamic and interactive

Based on scientific techniques and the latest psychological tools, the professional team will guide you through the labyrinth of how to break old habits, gain confidence and know the right things to say at the right time.

This 8 session on line course runs from the 13th to the 18th of April.



Why are we here?

We meet each other online as a group for the first time, and we learn what the key issues are. Following this we answer how do we want to be wiht each other. What Edges means and each participant completes a personality test. This leads to a session on pros and cons pf personality styles and why so many of us are stuck in repeat behaviours that are not helping.


Its not “US” that’s the problem

Sometimes it’s not “US” that is the problem but we can still find ourselves stuck in repeat relationship cycles. For example do you find that with some people you always end up being submissive but cannot explain why you let that happen?

Life Scripts and Life Timelines. Lets learn from your history. How has your script influenced yourlife


What is your attribution style?

In small groups we identify, discover our own attribution style. We know we are good guys, but what is blocking us from being successful in relationships? Fear of failure, rejection is a often to blame, we help you overcome your fears and get you back on the path to relationship success.


Communicate better

The foundation of all relationships is communication. What are your communication strengths and weaknesses? Why is it that for some people conversation with women is easy, whilst for others it is so hard? What is the right thing to say, and when should you say it? How to be caring without being a life coach.


Masculinity in 2020

What does it mean to be masculine in 2020? How can you be assertive without going to far? What are womens expectatioons from masculine men. Why do beautiful women always go for the bad guys? What can we learn and implement from this?


Your Inner team

What are the voices inside your head saying? How can you decide which voice to listen to? Where do these voices come from and how can you choose who to listen to? All of us have different team players inside of ourselves, understanding this, will help you make life changing positive decisions for the future,


Your Blind spots

What are your blind spots? Using the Johari Window tool you will discover. A key tool for us to change, is giving and receiving feedback. Who do you have in your life who can provide honest feedback about you? What steps can you take to address this. Break the cycle of repetitive behaviour.


You are not alone

The final session acts as a recap of the entire course, your opportunity to ask key questions, to test the theory, put what you have learned into practice and make goals and plans for the future. Using the string exercise, learn that you do not have to face this challenge on your own.


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