Plan for JK's 50th - Jim Kent

Plan for JK’s 50th

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2020 is a big year for many, including me. It would be great if you could join at one of two parties I will be hosting to celebrate the occasion. (Of course if you wish to join for both thats even better)

Party 1. Slightly more civilised.

Location : Farmhouse Luxembourg

Format : Outdoor Sunshine Disco, with bar and food. Transport from Luxembourg Ville will be provided.

Date 23rd of May 2020

Party 2

Location : Barcelona

A weekend of fun stuff that you can dip in and out of as you wish. The focal point is that we will be going to Electric Brunch. This is for people who enjoy putting the sunglasses on at night time and dancing to electronic tunes for 6 hours.

Live at brunch

Geplaatst door Jim Kent op Zondag 11 maart 2018