Successful training in Slovenia May 2019 - Jim Kent

Successful training in Slovenia May 2019

“Thank you for the training. All participants were very satisfied with your approach- not only delivery of certain sessions and showing the tools but they have a possibility to test the use of them in practice. That means that they understand better their behaviour to clients and they also understand better the reactions and behaviour of clients. And as a team we have been more connected after such a training. The consequence will be better work.”  Valerija Okorn

Zavod RS za zaposlovanje/ Employment Service of Slovenia

Understanding the personalities of our clients is an integral skill in making good placements especially when one considers the dramatic changes that are expected of job seekers. That’s why tests such as the Myers Briggs personality test can be useful.

All personality work starts with some self-reflection on who we are are and some reflection on our own strengths and weaknesses. This is followed by analysis on how we work inside of our teams, this provides insight into how and why our colleagues are often different in how they make decisions for example.

The test starts by all participants answering a series of questions about themselves to discover where they fit into a grid of 16 personality types. The objective is not to box ourselves in but more, to express truths that we already know about ourselves. This leads to an understanding of how we complete tasks and relate to people.

This training is focused on how we can apply the lessons from this test when working with clients. For example, where they get their energy from, how they receive information, make decisions and live their lives. If we can help job seekers with these insights they are able to make better choices about jobs that fit their personality.

This workshop also included sessions on; motivation and discussions around various scenarios in which job seekers find themselves having to make difficult decisions and ideas as to what questions employment advisers can ask as a coaching tool to help the client move onwards. The two days concluded with a session on marketing and how we can communicate better with stake holders, partners and clients.

If you are interested to learn more please get in contact with Jim Kent.

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